3D images for 3DS

3D images have enthralled me since childhood.  When the 3DS launched and gave the opportunity to see images in 3D without glasses, I was seriously intrigued.  Using some of the excellent conversion tools created by folks much smarter than me, I was able to convert a multitude of images and even videos into formats that the 3DS could display.  I did this for my own personal amusement, but now I’m happy to share these images with you.

I have hundreds of images but will only be sharing a few of the most interesting ones here.  I have many more ideas of images and videos that I would like to convert, but I have very little time in indulge in this hobby.

This list is intended to be viewed directly on a Nintendo 3DS.  Here is a QR code to navigate to this page easily on 3DS

Clicking the links should open up a 3D image directly on your system.  This image can be saved if you wish.  Click HERE to test.

Categories of images

(more images and categories may be added over time)

Random 3D images

Magic Eye Images

Virtual Boy screen shots

Sega Master System 3D game screen shots

3D Videos (Downloadable to PC.  Files must be copied to 3DS SD card.  Not viewable directly on 3DS system.)

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