Sega Master System 3D game screen shots

Links on this page are intended for direct viewing on a 3DS system.  When using other OS’s, links should result in a direct download.  These files can then be copied to your 3DS’s SD card for viewing.  

I’m highly interested in using the 3DS or VR headsets to view gameplay and screen shots from video gaming’s earlier 3D attempts.  The Vectrex, Nintendo Famicom, and Sega Master system all had a version of active shutter glasses for 3D games.  There are examples of anaglyph 3D games for various systems.

These games create 3D images by rapidly switching the viewpoint from one eye to the other on each consecutive frame.  The glasses then occlude each eye in sync with the console’s video output.  Capturing screenshots to convert to a 3D viewable format is tricky since you need two consecutive frames.  Since each frame is a slightly different moment in time, sometimes the elements don’t work as well as a still image as they would in motion.

Given enough time I would love to compile more images and videos of these games in a 3D format for view on the 3DS or VR.

The images on this page are a selection of the works of Frank Eivind.  An entire zip archive of 70 3D Master System screen shots is available on his blog.  These are highly impressive images, especially considering the year these games were released.  I wish I had some of the early 3D games and the hardware to enjoy them.

Maze Hunter 3D title screen

Maze Hunter 3D 1

Maze Hunter 3D 2

Missile Defense 3-D title screen

Missile Defense 3-D 1

Missile Defense 3-D 2

Missile Defense 3-D 3

Out Run 3D 1

Out Run 3D 2

Space Harrier 3D

Zaxxon 3D title screen

Zaxxon 3D


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