Random 3D images

Links on this page are intended for direct viewing on a 3DS system.  When using other OS’s, links should result in a direct download.  These files can then be copied to your 3DS’s SD card for viewing.  

This page contains various 3D images that don’t exactly fit into my other categories.

People complain about Virtual Boy games only being black and red.  But it could be worse.  Check this out!

I spent some time colorizing Virtual Boy screen shots, imagining the look of eventual 3DS ports.

Colorized Virtual Boy Screen Shot 1

This was a meticulous process.  This screenshot was colorized pixel by pixel, twice; once for each view of the image. But the result was worth it.

I would love to try to make a few more in the future.

The Tool album 10,000 Days was originally released with a set of stereoscopic lenses and some images and art to view through them.  I scanned one and converted it to .mpo.


HyperZone on the SNES has a hidden 3D mode enabled via code even though no 3D peripheral ever came to that system.  I took some of the frames from Jeremy Parish’s SNES works video on that game so that we could see what it would have been like.

Screen one

Screen two

Screen three

Screen four

I would love to convert the video instead, but that would seem to be an arduous possess of separating out each frame and recompiling them into left and right streams.  There may be an easier way to do it than that, but I’m not sure.

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