Rough week.

I’ve had a trying week, internet wise. I started the week feeling pretty invisible. In small part because I’m seeing less than the typical response to my Twitter activity, but mostly because my YouTube community posts as of late just don’t seem to get any real engagement from my subscribers. Here are stats from my last several posts:

Thumbs Up: 4, Comments: 2
Thumbs Up: 11, Comments: 2
Thumbs Up: 3, Comments: 0
Thumbs Up: 4, Comments: 2
Thumbs Up: 4, Comments: 0
Thumbs Up: 3, Comments: 1

I truly appreciate every time someone engages, and I don’t feel anyone owes me anything, but these counts are so small.

Feeling a bit dejected, I looked for some advice on how I can improve in a discord I’m a part of.  I had a brief discussion about this with one fan kind enough to help, but thus far, no one else has offered any suggestions.

By Wednesday, the new series debuting on my channel started to fail hard.

And if this all wasn’t enough, next Facebook literally told me that no one likes me.

no friends


But it isn’t all bad news.  This same week, Derek of Stop Skeletons From Fighting used a little joke I made in the thumbnail of one of his videos!

Not only that, but one of my favorite YouTube creators commented on one of my videos to help cheer me up.

I submitted a small video clip to another YouTuber to help him tell his story.

And I’ve also had some genuinely nice interactions with many of my online friends on Twitter and elsewhere.  I doubt they know how recharging their camaraderie is.  And, randomly, my best friend called and we talked on the phone for a couple of hours.  I probably haven’t talked to him all year, but somehow this week he chose to get in touch.

I really struggle sometimes with conflating my self-worth with internet statistics.  I’m smart enough to know better, but it’s an emotional response.  But I’m resilient.  And I keep trying.  And I’ll keep putting myself out there in my way.  And I know I can always find bits and pieces to be happy about regardless of my perceived hardships.

I hope things are well with you.  Let me know if they aren’t.  Thank you for reading and take care.



2 thoughts on “Rough week.

  1. I just found your videos recently and really can’t thank you enough for your ideas and templates for your miniature boxes. I am just starting an original gameboy collection (just purchased my first large lot of 240+ games today). Unfortunately the gameboy seems to lack a lot of good box scans. For now I plan on using your in-case template instead of the miniature boxes. Front and back scans seem to be far more prevalent than full box scans and I’m not near as creative as you. If i ever have the means in the future of actually buying complete games vs just catridges in the future, I would be sure to upload the boxart.

    Keep up the awesome work.


    1. I’ve told the story before, but when I was conceiving the project, I never expected to find box scans at all. I thought each box would have to be edited together from the front and back images that I know were readily available. Luckily, I happened across the scans, which makes the whole process that much easier. Over time I hope more and more boxes are scanned.
      And that’s a lot of Game Boy games! Have fun with them. 👍


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