About me and my gaming

Hi, welcome to my ‘about me’ page!  I’m glad you stopped by.  I go by TopSpot123 on the internet, but I’ll be happy to answer to TopSpot or simply Top.  This site is sort of an off-shoot of my YouTube channel.  In case you haven’t seen it, here’s a link.

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I would like to tell you more about myself.

A founding member of the Grey Beard Gaming Club (TM), I have been gaming for essentially my whole life.  My first home console was a Colecovision with Adam, purchased for holiday 1983.  I got good enough with Donkey Kong that I could roll the scoreboard over multiple times.  I continued accumulating systems and games, mostly second hand, throughout my middle and high school years.

Like many others, I never intended to start a collection.  I just loved my games and kept adding more until one day I woke up and it was a collection.  I don’t accumulate games just to inflate my numbers.  Every game purchase is carefully decided based off of criteria such as; game quality, industry evolutionary importance, and my personal gaming preferences.

Video gaming is not my only gaming love though.  I have a large place in my heart for table top games of all types, especially board, card, and dice games.  I’ve amassed a large collection of mostly retro board games too.  I love to investigate what is new and trending in this field.

I have a passion for gaming, but I don’t consider myself to be ‘hard core’.  I’ve beaten and 100% completed hundreds of titles, but I keep the other aspects of my life and my responsibilities in balance.  I simply can’t dedicate the time to this hobby that I once could.  I own dozens of games that I have not yet played, but I am patient, and each game will get its due.

I play nearly all game genres on nearly all systems, but I have preferences.  I favor platformers, 2D slightly over 3D.  I have always favored Nintendo.  I am not afraid to say I love gaming ‘gimmicks’.  Cameras, motion controls, 3D, VR, I love checking these things out, even if I end up going back to standard controllers.

The few game types that I play very little are sports and RPG’s.  I also don’t play the worlds biggest competitive games such as COD, Overwatch, DOTA, or Fortnite.  I am fascinated with online gaming, but I essentially never play online.  Growing up I was always the best player in my small circle, but online gaming has shown me that I am inadequate to compete with real dedicated skill.

I am generally happy, up beat, and an optimistic person.  I am also private and an introvert.  I don’t have many online or gaming friends and I hope my blog might help me make a few connections.

You can see more about my gaming collection and playing stats below.  Feel free to send a friend request, I generally always accept.

Thanks for joining me.


(This site contains some amazon affiliate links. I earn a small percentage of sales made through these links.)

My Video Game Collection

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Onlive ID:  TopSpot123  Discontinued

6rc7i9xdyn6y6excf9sneqStadia: TopSpot123 (#2996)<-I don’t know if this # is important?

Wii Friend Code: 3688382535221133  Discontinued

Wii U: Nintendo Network ID:  TopSpot123

3DS: 3394-3716-4638

Switch: SW-6976-5986-4662

Nintendo Account: Top

Meta (Oculus) Quest: TopSpot123


Steam – Via PCGamesN
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Board Game Geek – infrequently updated

One thought on “About me and my gaming

  1. Hey top, not sure if you’ll see this comment. Big fan of the mini box videos! Just wondering about making mini nes boxes? I feel it should be a similar process. Maybe you could make a video talking about that?


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