Stone Age Gamer BitBox

I got the chance to take an in depth look at the BitBox products that Stone Age Gamer produces. Let’s see the many ways these custom cases can be utilized.

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BitBox Game Boy Game Case –

BitBox Game Gear / TurboGrafx-16 Game Case –

BitBox N64 Game Case –

BitBox NES Game Case

BitBox Sega Game Case –

BitBox SNES / SFC Game Case –

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New series, Top’s Spotlight!

For a change of pace, and because it’s a format that I enjoy from many of my online contemporaries, I wanted to try my hand at the capsule review.  For the pilot run of five episodes, I knew I wanted to cover games that could easily be introduced and described in about a minute.  So I chose to show a few of my favorite mobile games that I think are overlooked, forgotten, or under the radar.  To keep them in one place, I present the initial five episodes here, Continue reading “New series, Top’s Spotlight!”

My podcast debut!

I have really exciting news to share! I was invited to be a guest on the DrunkFriend Podcast, hosted by YouTube’s SNES drunk and NES Friend. We chat about my channel and YouTube in general. Whether or not you listen to my episode, it’s a great place to hear conversations from creators in the gaming space on YouTube, Twitch, etc. So if you are interested in learning more about the creation process, or just want to hear interviews with people such as Cannot be Tamed or Friday Night Arcade, you really ought to subscribe.  Search DrunkFriend in your podcast provider of choice or you can listen to my episode here.

Thanks again!

The most narcissistic thing I’ve done so far.

I’ve had internet access since 1995 or so, but I largely kept to myself until my YouTube channel.  I haven’t been shy about saying that I’m introverted, and I viewed blogs and social media largely as a place for blowhards and egotists. 

It wasn’t until I started making regular monthly video content in mid-2017 that I decided to branch out into social media myself.  In that time, I’ve really favored Twitter as my platform of choice.  I didn’t start to use it with much frequency until 2018 or so, but now I count many of the folks I interact with there as internet friends.

To be fair, my overall opinion of social media hasn’t changed much, but with YouTube, Twitter, and this blog I have to count myself among the ego-stroking masses. 😝 At any rate, Continue reading “The most narcissistic thing I’ve done so far.”

Action Figure Commercial

A small piece of creative writing about the current YouTube kid’s content situation.  It’s a rough draft, but I dream to see it fleshed out into an actual video.  In case it isn’t made clear by my limited writing skills, this serves as both a parody of a toy ad and a satire about the situation.  Specifically, overreach and the appearance that something is ‘kid’s content’ can be deceiving.
EXT. Playground
A logo appears on a sandy hill
“The Tube Troopers”

Continue reading “Action Figure Commercial”

What I loved about Banjo-Kazooie is what I hate about Yooka-Laylee. But why?

(The following post is an editorial based on my current game experience. The opinions expressed are mine as of the writing but may change in the future.)

When I saw Yooka-Laylee was going to be added to Game Pass, I was excited to finally get to play it.  I was curious about what a modern take on the ‘collect-a-thon’ genre would look like, especially from these developers.  I had skipped it at its release, for at least three reasons.  Middling reviews were one, plus I didn’t want to add a large (and unproven) title to my game backlog.  And lastly, I’m still not sure if I still had a taste for collect-a-thons anymore.  Completing Donkey Kong 64 to 101% kind of killed my interest in the genre, even two decades later.  But to check it out for ‘free’ on Game Pass?  Seemed like a perfect proposition.  Continue reading “What I loved about Banjo-Kazooie is what I hate about Yooka-Laylee. But why?”