Magic Eye Images

Links on this page are intended for direct viewing on a 3DS system.  When using other OS’s, links should result in a direct download.  These files can then be copied to your 3DS’s SD card for viewing.  

I thought that since I have such a convenient display option, it would be interesting to convert ‘Magic Eye’ type stereograms so that anyone could view them without the need for eyeball calisthenics.  The results can still be a little difficult to see due to the busy designs and reduced resolution.  I’m only sharing a few of the better ones I made here.

Take flight.

If you swap the views, the 3D effect is inverted.

Under the sea.

Issue 56 of Nintendo Power magazine included four ‘Stare-eo-grams’.

1. (no hint given)

2. HINT: It’s not Mario, but he can jump higher than Mario.

3. HINT: It goes great on pizza (must have been a miscommunication)

4.  HINT:  No way!  Forget it!  No hints! (solution was a contest question)

Reclining Beauty

A Sailboat

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