3D Videos

Links on this page are not intended for direct viewing on a 3DS system.  After downloading (i.e. via computer) these files can be copied to your 3DS’s SD card for viewing.  

I created or converted a few videos for use on 3DS.  I’m only sharing a couple of them here.

Virtual Boy Wario Land.  Gameplay from YouTube, 3D for 3DS.

Click here to download the file.

Metal Gear Acid 2 includes a ‘Solid Eye’ 3D viewer for use with the PSP system.  With this viewer the gameplay, some videos, and even transferred photos taken in MGS3 Subsistence are viewable in 3D.  I would love to convert more examples, but so far I’ve only made one video.  It is an example of some of the cheesecake videos included in the title.

Click here to download the file.


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