Virtual Boy screen shots

Links on this page are intended for direct viewing on a 3DS system.  When using other OS’s, links should result in a direct download.  These files can then be copied to your 3DS’s SD card for viewing.  

I used an emulator to take screen shots and also found some from around the internet.

Black and White

Galactic Pinball Title Screen

Galactic Pinball Cosmic Table

Mario Clash Gameplay 1

Mario Clash Gameplay 2

Jack Bros. Screen Shot

Teleroboxer Gameplay 1

Teleroboxer Gameplay 2

Red Alarm Gameplay 1

Red Alarm Gameplay 2

Virtual Boy Wario Land  1

Virtual Boy Wario Land 2

Virtual Boy Wario Land 3


The remaining images are in the native black and red.  This is a selection of the works of Frank Eivind.  An entire zip archive of 151 Virtual Boy screen shots is available on his blog.

Galactic Pinball Alien’s Lair

Mario Tennis Serving

Mario Tennis

Space Squash


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