Quest for the Wii Experience! (Flashback 2007)

The Nintendo Wii was released in North America on November 19th, 2006.  It was an immediate hit with the public and was in short supply for months after launch.  I wasn’t able to secure my own until May 13th, 2007, six months later.

The launch window had many interesting titles, but with the exception of Wii Sports, no killer app.  I was endlessly curious about what this new era in motion controls would bring, but week after week, there were no systems available.  But I’m a fairly patient person.  As I waited, I was mostly cool, calm, and collected.  But one weekend, the promise for what was to come was screaming too loudly in my ear.  I HAD to somehow experience what the Wii had to offer NOW.

I broke down some of the unique features that the Wii offered.

  1. Controller with 1:1 screen pointing
  2. Controller with sense of 3D space relative to screen
  3. Motion controlled gaming

Using my accumulated video game collection, Continue reading “Quest for the Wii Experience! (Flashback 2007)”


Help! I’m not a writer!

I’ve just finished writing a draft of the script for my next YouTube video.  I believe that I’m a good communicator, but writing doesn’t come naturally to me.  I remember a lot of the ‘rules’ from school, although I’m sure I make mistakes.  My grammar and punctuation are only okay.  The problem is Continue reading “Help! I’m not a writer!”

Trying something new…

I’ve been slowly growing a YouTube audience this year and it feels really great!  But so far I’ve been using YouTube as my sole platform to reach people with similar interests as mine.  I think that this has been pretty limiting, so as I look forward into the next year, I’m going try to engage in other ways, including this blog.  Watch this space as I try to share some of my other video game inspired creations.