Playstation Family Spine Update Project – (Pro Enhanced, PS5 Upgrade Included)

With the file(s) below you will be able to label the spines of your PS4 games to properly denote if it offers PS4 Pro enhancements (including PSVR titles) or if it includes the offer of a PS5 update.

I usually don’t have a problem making a decision, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted to have the spine indicators end in white or in blue, so I’ve made both versions available, plus a bonus version that’s much more noticeable.

White tag
Blue Tag

This project was suggested by Moandain Designs. I’d already considered doing something like this, but I thought most people wouldn’t care. But knowing his meticulous personality about his collection I figured that even if I only helped one person it would be worth it. He got the ball rolling with a his design for PS5 upgrade games. I designed mine differently, but I like his a lot too. So here’s a third option. Pick whichever one you like the most.

Moandain’s Design

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