Mini Video Game Retail Box Project

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This video has been receiving lots of attention, thank you!  I’ve been getting a lot of the same questions, so I will answer them here.  FAQ Below Amazon Links

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“Where do I find the box scans?  I’ve looked everywhere!

This so far has been the #1 question that I receive.  While I was prototyping this idea, I wasn’t even considering box scans.  I was designing a cartridge sleeve from scratch and I started by just looking for front and back covers.  I was going to create the sides myself.  While I was looking for reference images for the sleeve’s sides, I discovered a couple of box scans and the whole scope of the project changed.  I did my google-fu and found a few more fairly easily.  But by far the largest help was to find  This French website* is a community driven database of documents for various Nintendo systems and games, including boxes.  Much like the cover project, they rely on user submissions of document scans and retouchers.  They have scans from all territories, as well as a custom category, but it is still a growing database with gaps.  If you have the ability and would like to help please do so by creating submissions, or share their site, this page, and/or my video to other gaming preservationists or hobbyists.

You’ll have to create a user account in order to download and they have a daily limit as well.  The boxes will generally give you two download options, A4 and A3.  A4 will have the box image split into two images to accommodate printing a full sized box on A4 sized paper.  A3 should have one complete image.

As I mentioned, their database is far from complete and it is likely that you won’t find exactly the box that you are looking for.  I am considering making a follow up video that would serve as a more complete tutorial on using an image editor to create a serviceable box from a template.  If this is something that you would like to see, please let me know in the comments below.

*It is with the blessing of the site admin that I share this information.

“What program did you use to edit them?”

The program I used is of little consequence.  If you are just needing to resize, any modern editor should be sufficient. and GIMP are both free and have resize by percentage options.  Even Microsoft Paint allows for percentage resizing.  All image editors work a bit differently, so please check the help files for the program that you are using.

“What box design software did you use?”

I use the demo portion of the website.  You will need an create an account.  From here you can choose one of hundreds of box styles, change the parameters, including dimensions, and even download a Die-line file, which is a zip containing the box outline in PDF and PNG formats.  These can then be used as a template to create the box that you wish.

“Will you be selling these?”

I will not be selling these.  I find that unethical and against the spirit of what is trying to provide.

Besides, that’s why I made a tutorial to empower you to make them for yourself!

“It’s nice, but it seems like a lot of work.”

While that’s not actually a question, I’ll address this.  Everyone’s collection and display style is different.  As is everyone’s available time, effort, or willingness to commit to a project like this.  As I suggested in the video, this might be better suited to a starting collector who can make these on an as needed basis.  To an owner of a large collection, this project might seem to be insurmountable, even if they like the idea.

To owners of mid-sized collections I would still recommend trying to make one or two, just for fun and to see if you like it.  It really isn’t that hard.  If you do like them, there’s no need to rush.  Your goal could be to complete a couple a week and see how long it takes to finish.

Lastly, I’m making a followup video soon showing three easier methods to display your Game Boy games.  If the boxes are too much effort, perhaps one of these simpler ideas will work for you.  Look for it soon.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask in the YouTube comments or send a message to

Chart and templates.

Sizing chart mini game boxes


Box and manual cover reduced to 58%