Labeled inserts for Game Boy cartridge cases

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Elmers Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive, 4-Ounce, Clear

CD Jewel Cases

Norelco Hard Cassette Cases

Replacement Game Boy game cases

I can’t find any soft polyurethane cassette cases on Amazon, but try google or ebay.

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Templates (Click for full size file)

gameboy clamshell insert
Single insert with score lines
gameboy clamshell insert 2x3
2×3 inserts (full page, wide margins)
gameboy clamshell insert 3x3
3×3 inserts (caution: narrow side margins)
gameboy clamshell insert single
Isolated insert (useful to work individually and paste onto larger templates)


There are infinite possibilities in design choices in these case inserts allowing for individual preference.  I won’t be hosting a set of completed inserts, but if you decide to, let me know and I’ll add the links here and in the video description.

As you see in the video, making these inserts is pretty self-explanatory.  My workflow was to make a new insert on the isolated template and then paste it one after another on one of the larger template pages until I filled a printable page.

As explained in the video, there could be a reason to orient the top label 180 degrees.  I’ll give you another example.

The labels are distinctly visible on the top.
But the side wall has a bisecting seam…
and when closed, the upper portion is two layers thick.
When shelved, this would be the displayed side.
Unless you turn the top outward instead.  But in this case, the label faces the “wrong” way.

To account for these possibilities, here is a duplicate set of templates with the top label inverted.  Whichever set you use, try to be consistent. 😉

gameboy clamshell insert inverted top
with score lines
gameboy clamshell insert 2x3 inverted top
gameboy clamshell insert 3x3 inverted top
gameboy clamshell insert single inverted top



Suggested by @_Hamiltron_ on Twitter, we decided to see how well Game Boy game cases work for Game Boy Advance cartridges.  Here’s what we found out:

So if you had enough Game Boy game cases, and made the appropriately labeled inserts, this gives you another new way to shelf, display, or smartly store your GBA cartridges too!  Thanks, Hamiltron!

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