DIY Memory Card DVD Case


I chose the last one for my case, but I have every reason to believe that the others would make just as nice a case.  The space in the case is so tight that I made these templates to help ensure accurate card placement in three dimensions.  If you have more flexibility, like including fewer cards,  only working in one plane, or smaller cards (Gamecube for instance), you can forgo a template and just trace the cards themselves on your panel.

Clicking a thumbnail should open the image in a new browser window which you can then save.  When printing, be sure to print at full size, 100%, for the sizing to work.

“Two Trenches”
Six on one page
Three on one page

Information about ‘Stamp Cases.’

I’ve happened across ’empty’ DVD cases rarely in the past, but I didn’t know they were an item you could readily purchase.  As far as I can tell, they are marketed to rubber stamp craft hobbyists so they can have a place to store their stamps and contain any remaining ink.  But I think these cases can be used for a large number of different crafts and should be more readily available.

The first store listing that I was provided with is to a store that I have no familiarity with.  The listing provided was to a thicker than a typical DVD case, which would come in handy for a lot of custom projects.

In the United States, I found another source. is a neat website that has a lot of media storage products.  In the stamp cases, none of which have a DVD hub, they have a lot of options too.  They have black and clear plastic, they have them with and without document clips, and they even have them in different thicknesses.  14mm is the standard DVD case thickness, which is what I purchased, and they go all the way up to 50mm.

Checkoutstore also sells their cases through Amazon.

Black, no document clips
Clear, with document clips
Clear, no clips, 50mm


If you search eBay for “DVD Style Multi Storage Case”, you’ll find a lot of listings for similar cases, though they all seem like they are sold from the UK.

Be sure to check out my tips video on printing case covers!

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Photo Glossy White Paper  A4 Size 20 sheets 
Photo Glossy White Paper A4 100 Sheets

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