DIY Game Boy Advance game cases

GBA Keep Case template

Following a suggestion by Frikifecto no tengo, these cases can be used to house a ‘family’ of games across GB, GBC, and GBA.  Add a really nice custom cover to really show off your collection.


Some video game series’ that cross from GB through GBA:  the Legend of Zelda, Mario (naturally), Wario, Kirby, Mega Man, Donkey Kong, Castlevania, Pokemon, Game and Watch gallery, etc.
I was shown a new build suggestion by TinkiNova.  They had a similar clamshell-style poly case, but CD jewel case sized instead.  This type of case began with a disc spindle on both interiors.  After cutting each side out, in order to cover up the removal scars and to give the games some scratch protection, they added a velvet panel.  A very nice touch!  As a matter of fact, I believe you could line the entire interior with velvet, lining up the holes for the hair ties.
It holds six games and fits alongside their DS game cases.  Thank you TinkiNova!
Cases of this style aren’t commonplace, but TinkiNova tracked down a few amazon examples.
For another build alternative, here’s a completed project from DIYit.

Instead of using rubber bands, they used the GBA cartridges and modeling clay to create the back of the case.  What a great idea!  They ended up with an exact fit and you can even see the Nintendo logo pressed into the recesses.  Good call DIYit!


Featured in video:

Amazon links for DS/3DS cases (I never purchased this product so I can’t comment on quality)

K&J Magnetics (non affiliate link)

Tinkercad model