TurboExpress and Nomad prologue the Switch

I had very similar points in a few of my blog posts but as he says “there is nothing new under the sun”. In other words, it’s nice to know that others with a knowledge of gaming history see how some ideas bubble to the surface multiple times until the right set of circumstances, technological or otherwise, allow for a successful implementation.

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Nintendo has never made a handheld that can connect to your TV and be played like a console. Instead, they kept making attachments to their home console that would play Gameboy games.

Hudson made the Switch in 1990. It is called the TurboExpress.


Here is the Japanese equivalent.

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Some people are upset that the Switch is using cartridges. “Do not call them cartridges,” they whine. “They are CARDS, not cartridges! They do not contain electronics in them!”

Most cartridges didn’t contain unique electronics in them like the FX chip in Starfox or the chip in Castlevania III.

What many gamers are not aware of, since the Turbografx 16 was never mainstream, is that they used something called ‘Hucards’. They were like credit cards. They did not contain electronics, but they had the ROM image on them.

The Turboexpress could play Turbografx 16 hucards (that you would place into the home…

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On Tower Defense pt 1.

Tower defense games are fun!  Of those that I’ve put serious time into, my favorite so far has been Defense Grid.  This genre seems to be pretty dormant these days, sadly.  In my mind, even though there has been lots of variations and great games, there is only so many ways this genre can be presented.  Even the new PixelJunk Monsters 2 is only receiving middling reviews.

I don’t have any ideas on how to revitalize the genre.  But my familiarity with some of its games has given me some ideas Continue reading “On Tower Defense pt 1.”

YouTube Channel Highlight – Retro Nonsense

I love YouTube as a platform and I am a big fan of lots of the more popular creators on it.  But as a very small channel, I feel like I’ll find more kinship with other newer or less known creators.  I’ve spent some time this week trying to find some of these channels and look at what they offer.  I was able to check out Retro Nonsense, specifically the first episode of his series Stuck in the 80’s.  It was a fun and funny watch.  He’s created a really good format and it definitely oiled my nostalgia gears.  I haven’t watched his other content yet, but I’ll pay close attention to new episodes in this series.  If you find other videos on his channel you liked, let me know about them and tell him I sent you.


Sentimental Value.

I feel, at least for me, that some part of being a collector of things is the attached sentimental value.  This isn’t true of all aspects of every type of collection I have, but I know it is a big part of the oldest pieces of my video game collection.

Colecovision with Adam

My first video game console (and home computer) was the Colecovision plus Adam.  It was a family gift Continue reading “Sentimental Value.”

YouTube Channel Highlight – Crt-Hero

Ok, this one is a little different.  Meet Crt-Hero, a game collecting/comedy channel that I found by his Game Room Ideas video.  Not exactly family friendly, hovering somewhere in the grey area between hilarious and cringe.  He may not be the hero YouTube needs, but he might be the hero YouTube deserves.  In all seriousness though, I like this ‘how to’ playlist and the channel’s overall style.  If you’d like to see something on the quirkier side, be sure to check him out.  Tell him I sent you.


The myth of the lonely gamer.

The following post reflects my personal experiences and feelings and may not represent yours.

Gaming can and should be a social hobby.  Probably like you, many of my fondest video gaming memories involve gatherings of friends enjoying each other’s company while trying to best them at everything on screen.  While some gaming stigmas still exist, video gaming as a hobby has Continue reading “The myth of the lonely gamer.”

Quest for the Nintendo Switch (Hybrid History)

The Nintendo Switch was released world wide on March 3rd, 2017.  Due to extenuating circumstances, I wasn’t able to order one until August 17, 2017, over five months later.  As I explained in a previous post, having to do without when it comes to my video gaming habit can make me a little manic.  My curiosity can override my patience and I have to fill in the experience gap.  Fortunately for me, the unique features at the forefront of the Nintendo Switch are much easier to grasp than the more nebulous idea of motion controls.  And most of these gaming innovations were available piecemeal through other methods through gaming’s history.

Hybrid console

Nintendo describes the Switch as a Continue reading “Quest for the Nintendo Switch (Hybrid History)”