The most narcissistic thing I’ve done so far.

I’ve had internet access since 1995 or so, but I largely kept to myself until my YouTube channel.  I haven’t been shy about saying that I’m introverted, and I viewed blogs and social media largely as a place for blowhards and egotists. 

It wasn’t until I started making regular monthly video content in mid-2017 that I decided to branch out into social media myself.  In that time, I’ve really favored Twitter as my platform of choice.  I didn’t start to use it with much frequency until 2018 or so, but now I count many of the folks I interact with there as internet friends.

To be fair, my overall opinion of social media hasn’t changed much, but with YouTube, Twitter, and this blog I have to count myself among the ego-stroking masses. 😝 At any rate, one thing I don’t like about social media as a platform is how quickly content gets buried by the newest posts.

As a nostalgia junkie and media collector, I don’t think just because something is old, it no longer holds any value.  So with that mentality, I’ve gone back over my tweets and replies from 2019 and posted a few of my favorites below.  Humorous, informative, or just a peek into my psyche, these tweets are indicative of my personality, 280 characters at a time.  If you enjoy any of these tweets, be sure to like it, and if you enjoy many of them, I’d be happy to have you follow me.

I’ve been a lot more active on Twitter this year, so I might have to make posts such as this every month!

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