Things that I’m missing for my YouTube channel.

Even though my YouTube channel is nothing more than a nice hobby for me, I do take it seriously.  I occasionally look at channel tips and tricks and I try to implement what makes the most sense for my content.  Even so, there are many bits and pieces that my YouTuber brothers and sisters have that I have not.  Here is a short list and explanation of these attributes.

  1. Wholly Unique Logo – My current logo is another artist’s work that I’ve made a small alteration to.  I’ve really grown attached to it, but I should have a logo fully unique to me.
  2. Theme song / intro – The comfort of a familiar theme song or intro is a good way for your community to gain an attachment to your content.  In my case, I have a few different types of videos that I like to produce.  One of them, Game Room Ideas, has gained its own simplistic intro.  I haven’t yet envisioned the right type of intro umbrella that would work for the rest of my productions.
  3. Catch phrase / outro – Similar to a common intro, having a signature catch phrase or sign-off is a good way to foster a communal feel to your videos.  I always try to give good wishes in my good-byes but I’ve never thought of the perfect sentence or phrase to use consistently.  A few of my favorites from others: “Gentles and Ladiesmen” – ExoParadigmGamer, “Happy Gaming” – RinryGameGame, “Thanks for watchin’ ” – Norm the Gaming Historian, “But that’s just a theory…” – Game Theory, etc.
  4. Music – My YouTube channel is a one man production.  From concept to thumbnails and editing, I do everything myself (amateurishly admittedly, but I strive to improve).  One shortcut I employ is using video game music as the sound bed for my videos.  I’m simply not musically inclined.  I should swallow my pride. I should take on a royalty free tune to accompany most of my videos, to add an element of consistency.  But unless I make the music, I don’t want to do that.  I’m stubborn I guess.  At least in my current workflow I’m able to make diverse choices and try to find fitting musical selections.
  5. On Screen Personality – I don’t wish to show myself on camera.  I’m following in the mold of DaveHax, early King of Random, and countless other tutorial videos by not showing myself.  I’m not trying to add an air of mystery or anything like that, I’m just not comfortable on camera.  But making this choice creates a divide between myself and my audience.  A viewer can’t make as strong a connection without seeing a person.
  6. Personality – Lastly, I don’t have much of a personality or persona.  I try to be my real self on my channel and I’m just a pretty low key type of person.  I would never want to ham it up and act like a jack ass on my channel just to gain followers.  It would be inauthentic anyway.  This is fine since I really want the content of any of my videos to be strong enough to stand on its own.  But as usual on the internet, it seems that you just can’t get or keep any attention without these childish tactics.


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