YouTube production – likes and dislikes

It’s easy to say you love to do something, and it can be essentially true.  In actuality there are usually at least some aspects that you dislike, even in something you otherwise love.  Maybe you love RPG’s, but hate grinding.  I really like my YouTube hobby overall, but since everything on my channel is a one man operation, there are things that I am not the best at or that I don’t like doing.

Conceptualizing – Creating the premise, idea, script, and video flow mentally.

This is easily my favorite overall part of making YouTube videos.  It’s really exciting to start with a vague idea or concept and slowly coax it into existence.  I’ll rate it 5/5.

Writing – Taking everything I want to express and fitting it into a script.

My writing game is not strong.  Most of my writing is very dry, like reading an owners manual.  My brain plots ideas like a constantly branching flowchart, each ‘either/or’ having it’s own branches and I have to tame that idea tree into some sort of linear narrative flow.  It isn’t easy for me.

Secondly, I’m a fun, witty, and occasionally entertaining guy in the moment in person.  But I’m not a comedy writer.  I write jokes or gags in my scripts that are funny to me, but I am insecure that the humor would come off only as cringy, so I usually take the jokes out.  I don’t want to put on a false personality to be a YouTuber, I try to stay pretty down to earth.  I try to pepper in a few wry jokes in my scripts that some people will miss as jokes.  Overall, I’ll rate writing 2.5/5.

Shooting – Video production

I’ve grown to really dislike shooting.  In the beginning I was less concerned with production values.  “If your ideas are good enough”, I believed, “people will suffer through lower quality production.”  I shot quickly and moved on.  Lately however, I’ve want better serve my subscribers by paying more attention to my video production.  I happen to have access to quality equipment, but darn it, I don’t wish to learn all of the valuable lessons of lighting, lenses, etc.  That’s simply not where my passion is.  I am much too impatient when shooting too.  I should preview every important piece of footage from start to end before moving on, but I quickly scrub through it and then have to work around imperfections or accept the bad framing that I didn’t know happened.  I wish I had a director of photography to deal with all of that stuff!  2/5


Most of my videos are now scripted and narrated.  This was an evolution away from my first videos that had a lot of speaking off the cuff.  The reason for this is that there is a trade off.  Speaking off the cuff can come across more casually which I think can allow the viewer to have a better engagement with me as the presenter.  But scripting it in advance gives me much more control over the overall sound design and my diction flaws.  Also, since my current videos feature lots of video editing, I don’t think speaking unscripted would work out as well.

But I hate having to listen to the sound of my own voice!  I hate the ‘stage fright’ that happens in front of my microphone.  I speak to people all day at work, without embarrassing myself once, but I can’t get two sentences into a script THAT I WROTE without messing it up multiple times.  Infuriating.

Easily my least favorite part  0.5/5.  I do it all for my viewers, but wow it sucks for me!

Editing – Putting together the video and creating a YouTube thumbnail.

I love the editing.  I really like learning new editing programs and seeing what they offer.  My computer isn’t very high spec, so that creates issues.  I am usually feeling a time crunch when editing so I am not able to try out as many things as I would like.  I wanted to try a new editing program when making a recent short video.  This two minute video took over 4 hours to edit.  I like the learning, but it can feel super inefficient when things like that happen.

I like making my YouTube thumbnails too.  Each time I try to learn some new technique or figure out some new way to build layers together to make something in a way that I had not done before.

Please don’t mistake my enthusiasm for editing for skill.  I have a long way to go before my editing work could be considered exceptional.  But I like learning more each month and adding to my knowledge base.  5/5.


Getting everything together and showing the world gives me mixed feelings.  Even when I make something that I am proud of, it was better in my head.  Maybe it isn’t good enough and is wasting people’s time.  Maybe it is really good but very few will see it.  Perhaps not a single person caught that subtle joke.  Maybe I’ve made an embarrassingly obvious mistake and didn’t catch it.  Maybe people will love something that I find to be below my average quality.  As a very small YouTuber, there are no guarantees.

But I find a lot of satisfaction with the compliments in my comment section.  I’m trying to put out positivity and I am mostly receiving positivity back.  3.5/5, but just because of my personal insecurities.



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