I think it’s human nature to be intrigued by the idea of a doppelganger, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have the term.  Since childhood I’ve been curious to find my doppelganger(s), a desire probably fueled by a mix of narcissism and loneliness.

Of course for the purposes of this discussion, I assume my double would not only resemble me, but closely share my interests, attitudes, and intellect.  I mean, what fun would it be to find someone who looks like you but is otherwise your polar opposite?

There are websites that make claims of finding your match through facial recognition software.  I’ve never bothered to try one.  I think it’s a bit sketchy, and I assume my double would too.  Even google’s museum app offers to find your facial match in classical art works.


When the Wii’s popularity was in full swing they made available a couple of channels that let users vote and submit (limited) original content.  First was the “Everybody Votes Channel” followed up with the “Check Mii Out Channel.”


These channels were interesting to check out, but the latter gave me an idea.

Nintendo will never facilitate open communication between strangers.  Judge them how you will, but on this they’ve always taken a hard stand.  But assume a world where this wasn’t the case.  I had wished for a channel, like “Check Mii Out” where you would upload your Mii.  Then they could compare all of the submitted Mii’s for similarities, showing you the users whose Mii’s match yours with the highest percentage.  I figure that the Mii creator is robust but still constrained enough that out of the over 100 million Wii owners, there are probably some that share my digital visage.


Maybe they could have titled it the “Mii TWiin Channel,” or some such thing.

Ultimately if two people have similar Mii’s, it would be very interesting to see if they share a real life resemblance.  Had something like this been made, the Wii U would have been a great home for it, too.  You could easily attach a Gamepad produced selfie to your application profile.  It could work in a similar fashion to Tender or other ‘both parties confirm’ type apps.  First the Mii’s are matched.  If both parties proceed, the actual selfies can be shown.  Next would be user names and friend code trading.  It’s an interesting idea and could have been perfectly integrated with WaraWara Plaza.

Miitomo could have also been home to such a feature.  It Mii-centric app was another avenue that Nintendo intended to be all about sharing.  But with this app’s impending demise, it is not meant to be.

It’s too bad the Mii and other user avatar systems are being phased out.  I think that an OS level avatar system was a brilliant, yet underutilized idea.


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